Eternal Lore achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 26 unknown)

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Begin Adventure

View Combat Tutorial

Prologue to the main event

Defeat Ryos 1st times

Junior Adventurer

Reach Level 10

Life Saver

Defeat Puppa

The labyrinth is nothing

Defeat Buffmeto

Be nice and easy

Defeat Tashuri

Bronze Medal

Clear Bronze Rank Arena

Blood Cleaner

Defeat Blood Queen

Not done yet!!

Defeat Ryos 2nd times

Ice melter

Defeat Feswalrost

Senior Adventurer

Reach Level 30

Soul Release

Defeat Cecilia

It's just a clay now

Defeat Clayvil

Silver Medal

Clear Silver Rank Arena

That's not right!!

View the Bad Ending

I got the Crown!!

Defeat Antique Emperor

Cock a doodle doo!!

Defeat Rocktail Pullus

The Pirate King

Show hidden treasure to the pirate

Happy Ending

View the Good Ending

Signets Master

Gain power from all Signets

Chicken Master

Acquire Chicken Hat

Pro Adventurer

Reach Level 50

Gold Medal

Clear Gold Rank Arena

Inw Za

Defeat Chutcha

I am your Father!!

Tell Starrunner about his father


Reach Level 100