Randal's Monday achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 21 unknown)

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Day 1: A box full of junk and too much free time

Complete the prologue.


Sell the ring.

Day 2: Excuse me, am I trapped in time already?

Complete episode 1.


Unlock the hints system.

Day 3: Mortimer’s dungeon

Complete episode 2.

Day 4: Officer Hicks, give me that ring

Complete episode 3.

Cat murderer

Hit the “kill kitty” button 20 times.

I want no spoilers

Beat the puzzle of the Sci-Fi Con sign without the bum’s help.

Day 5: Till the Magnumatic do us part

Complete episode 4.

Day 6: ‘You smoke? No thanks, I’m trying to quit

Complete episode 5.

Day 7: The final barbecue

Complete episode 6.

Bad friend

Feed the Horsemen.

It’s over

Beat the whole game.

Gort salutes you

Tell Bogs the password.


You made a complete scarecrow.

Three meals a day

Feed the pigeons three times.

Lover of The Trilogy

You didn’t fail any question in HAL’s game.

Old school

Beat the game without using the hints system.

Good friend

Beat the final conversation choosing only the correct answers.

Survival horror lover

Beat the puzzle of the drawers and the books on your first try.


Beat the hot plate puzzle on your first try.