Hand of the Gods achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 44 unknown)

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Massacre Novice

Kill 10 units (excludes Training Mode)


Win a game with your Summoning Stone at 25 or more health (excludes Training Mode)

Uncontrolled Power

Deal 50 damage in a single match (excludes Training Mode)

Arcane Magnificence Novice

Play 10 Spell cards (excludes Training Mode)

Divine Spawner Novice

Spawn or deploy 10 God cards (excludes Training Mode)

Leave No Survivors

Win with no opponent units remaining on the battlefield (excludes Training Mode)

Massacre Intermediate

Kill 50 units (excludes Training Mode)

Apotheosis Novice

Play 10 matches (excludes Training Mode)

Arcane Magnificence Intermediate

Play 50 Spell cards (excludes Training Mode)

Overwhelming Force

Win a game by turn 5 (excludes Training Mode)

Massacre Adept

Kill 100 units (excludes Training Mode)

Divine Spawner Intermediate

Spawn or deploy 50 God cards (excludes Training Mode)

Arcane Magnificence Adept

Play 100 Spell cards (excludes Training Mode)

Domination Novice

Win 10 matches (excludes Training Mode)

Massacre Master

Kill 200 units (excludes Training Mode)

Divine Spawner Adept

Spawn or deploy 100 God cards (excludes Training Mode)

Arcane Magnificence Master

Play 200 Spell cards (excludes Training Mode)

Apotheosis Intermediate

Play 50 matches (excludes Training Mode)

Divine Spawner Master

Spawn or deploy 200 God cards (excludes Training Mode)

The Hunter

Kill 100 Beasts (excludes Training Mode)

All that Glitters Novice

Open 10 gold card packs

Stone Breaker

Deal 1000 damage to Summoning Stones (excludes Training Mode)

Apotheosis Adept

Play 100 matches (excludes Training Mode)

Domination Intermediate

Win 50 matches (excludes Training Mode)

Paper Cut

Open 50 card packs

Pick a Card, Any Card

Discover 50 cards (excludes Training Mode)

Domination Adept

Win 100 matches (excludes Training Mode)

Apotheosis Master

Play 200 matches (excludes Training Mode)

All that Glitters Intermediate

Open 50 gold card packs

The Long Journey

Complete 25 quests

Bank Heist

Aquire a gold card in your hand that is owned by your opponent (excludes Training Mode)


Win 50 matches with Zeus (excludes Training Mode)

All that Glitters Adept

Open 100 gold card packs

Domination Master

Win 200 matches (excludes Training Mode)

Run the Gauntlet

Play 50 Gauntlet matches

All that Glitters Master

Open 200 gold card packs

For Valhalla

Win 50 matches with Odin (excludes Training Mode)

Guardian of the Heavens

Win 50 matches with Nu Wa (excludes Training Mode)

Roma Invicta

Win 50 matches with Bellona (excludes Training Mode)

Praise the Sun

Win 50 matches with Ra (excludes Training Mode)

Death Touch

Win 50 games with Ah Puch (excludes Training Mode)

Grand Champion

Retire an arena run with 12 wins and 0 losses

Escaped the Cycle

Win 50 games with Ganesha (excludes Training Mode)