Fingered achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 24 unknown)

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A Taste of Blood

Beat Day 7.

Special Character XII

Execute a cry baby for matricide.


Special Character IX

Execute a sticky suspect for property damage.

Special Character XI

Execute a hemaphiliac for feticide.

Special Character X

Execute a woman who is too clingy for violating trademark.

Special Character VI

Execute a man for ruining toothbrush mustaches.


Special Character II

Execute a fishman for lurking by a murky lagoon.

Blood Feast

Beat Day 14.


Special Character IV

Execute someone who smells like copper for trespassing.

Special Character VIII

Execute a slimy suspect for peeing in pools.

Special Character XIV

Execute the head of the family for playing bad music.

Special Character V

Execute someone who has already been buried for pseudocide.

Special Character XV

Execute a suspect for coprophilia, self-mutilation and assault.

Special Character I

Execute a diabetic for looking funny.

Special Character VII

Execute a cursed man for bestiality.

Special Character III

Execute a suspect for ass****ism.

Special Character XIII

Execute a flamboyant man for littering and sound pollution.


Wizard of Gore

Beat the game.

Golden Finger

Beat the game without using a continue.

Golden Dog

Complete 100% of achievements.