Moustache Mountain achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 15 unknown)

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Start a new game for the first time!

I Cant Fly

Fall off the platforms!

That Was Fast

Die within 2 seconds of starting a level!

Halfway There

Reach Level 7!


Start a new game 10 times!

I Like Blood

Die from all traps!


Start a new game 50 times!

Arrow Dodger

Successfully dodge 200 arrows!

So close, yet so far

Die on the last level!

Moustache Gel

Reach the top of the mountain!

Bronze Cup

Complete the game in under 5 minutes!


Start a new game 100 times!

Silver Cup

Complete the game in under 4 minutes!


Reach the top without dying!

Gold Cup

Finish the game in under 3 minutes!