Flyhunter Origins achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 13 unknown)

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Swat's This?

Find the Mark I swatter

Going for Gold

Win your first Golden Larvae

Tutti Frutti

Capture the Fruitfly

Stop CLONING around!

Get killed 10 times in a single level

I've got to GLOW now

Capture the Firefly

Horse Play

Capture the Horsefly

Fully Loaded

Fully Upgrade all weapons

It's starting to Drag-on

Capture the Dragonfly

House my Flyhunting?

Capture the Housefly

Mission Complete

Reach the end of Episode 5

Lover, not a swatter

Clear a level with Zak without killing any creatures

Suits you sir!

Find all hidden suits

Golden Larvae Hunter

Win every Golden Larvae in the game