Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 24 unknown)

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Fuzzy lil fellow

Gain the little helper.


Topple the trunk over the ravine.

Gossip queen

Chat with all the villagers.

Master hunter

Track your prey to its lair.

Don't skip

Solve 3 Puzzles in a row without skipping.

Cheating death

Make a salve.


Find 3 Hidden Objects in just 3 seconds!

Film fanatic

Watch half of the game cutscenes.


Pass the underground labyrinth.

I thee wed

Reveal the true nature of your enemy.

Puzzle master

Finish a puzzle in under a minute!

The wheel turns

Approach the Abyss edge.


Read all the writings in the game.

Piercing gaze

Finish 3 Hidden-Object Puzzles in a row with no hints!

The bottom

Pass the Golden Gate of the Phoenix.

The story's end

Finish the bonus adventure.

Quick one

Nail a Hidden-Object Puzzle in under a minute.


Finish a Hidden-Object Puzzle with barely any misclicks!


Solve all of the puzzles without skipping even once!

Speed reach

Beat a domino game in under a minute!

The hard way

Finish the game on Expert Mode!

Equally matched

Finish half of the Domino games!


Finish all the Hidden-Object Puzzles with no hints!

Game, set, match

Finish all of the Domino games!