Doctor Who: The Adventure Games achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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Victory of the Daleks

Escaped from the ruins of London

Might of the Daleks

Discovered the Dalek plan

Defeat of the Daleks

Saved history from the Daleks

Under the Ice

Rescued Chisholm from the ice

Cold Steel

Discovered what happened at the GSO base

The Doctor in the TARDIS

Rescued the Doctor

For Who the Bell Tolls

Reunited the Doctor and Amy

The Underwater Menace

Gained access to Poseidon Base

We Will Survive

Defeated the Cybermen?

Genie in the Bottle

Defeated the Entity

Shadows of the Deep

Investigated the source of the trouble

Eldridge Effect

Saved Poseidon base from the Vashta Nerada

A Stitch in Time

Tracked the source of the time lesions

Gunpowder, Rutans and Plotters

Found the Plotters and Lady Winters secret

TARDIS Databank

Found all the facts in TARDIS

Four to Doomsday

Discovered what was hiding onboard the Rutan ship

The Fifth of November

Finished the Gunpowder Plot

Adventures in Space and Time

Completed all the Episodes of the Adventure Games

Remember, Remember...

Studied Hard

Found all the items in the Drawing Room

Doctor Who?

Collected all the Doctor cards

All the Strange, Strange Creatures

Collected all the Enemies cards

Friends Like These

Collected all the Freinds cards


Found all the facts in Blood of the Cybermen

Faithful Companions

Collected all the Companion cards

Archive of the Daleks

Found all the facts in City of the Daleks

Jelly Babies are Cool

Collected all the Jelly Baby cards

To The Library

Found all the facts in Shadows of the Vashta Nerada

The Great Collector

Collected all the cards in Episode 1-4

Facts of Fiction

Found all the Jacobean Facts