BANZAI PECAN: The Last Hope For the Young Century achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 28 unknown)

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Hero’s Burden.

Way to acquire this game. In it for the long run now.

Spice Up Your Life.

Smack down Spicy Jalapina.

No Sugarcubes, Please.

Fight French Vanilla victoriously.


Speedrunners’ delight. Master that first stage in less than two minutes.

Third-Person Shooter.

Bust up Bitter-Almond.

Sister Act.

Slap up Sister Spearmint.

So, How About That Segue?

Teach those Hunny Bunnies it’s a One-Way Road.

Working Out the Kinks.

Mess up Mistress Mocha.

Catch A Tiger By Its Toe.

Tear up Toraken Soy.

Down With A Sickness.

Lacerate Lemon-Lime.

The Doppelgänger Effect.

Super-maul Sugoi Maple.

Mama Said ‘Knock You Out!’

Strike down Strawberry.

The Buddhist Fist.

May you be blessed with the gifts for your flawless skill.

Do It With Style, Darling!

That’s, uh, overkill on those poor Bunnies in a single stage...

One-Stop Shop.

Who put a vending machine in here?

Nice Day For A White Wedding.

Overturn Oniichigo.

All in a Day’s Work.

Oh, you managed to beat the game?

Paging Dr. Beat.

Sheesh, 101 and counting….

Ashes to Ashes.

Attack Ash Bunny bravely.

The Breakfast Club.

Confront every single rival in Story Mode.

Glutton For Punishment.

Three different Dungeon Bunnies. Thirty hits each? Do the math.

It's Taco Tuesday!

For the Bunnies, they lost ten good ones. But for you? It was a Tuesday.

Miss Untouchable.

What, you thought you had to beat the whole game for this one? Screw that, just get through one stage.

Big Trouble, Little China.

Humiliate a Bunny with a ceramic bowl filled with shame.

Seeing Red.

...we forgot there was a Hard Mode on this.

Master of the System.

You may BORROW Saviorjun….

Killer Queen.

You fought them once. A Boss Rush mode wouldn't be asking for too much, would it?

The Legendary BANZAIDER.

Anyone who got in your way now knows your strength. You've regained justice.