Foosball: World Tour achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 12 unknown)

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Booby prize

Bon Voyage

Win a World Tour match.

One Man Team

Score a goal using your goalkeeper.

Let's play

Win an online match.


Defeat an "Advanced" or higher A.I. without being scored on (10 balls or more).

Jack of all trades

Use all types of trick shots in a single match.

Around the world in 20 matches

Defeat every standard World Tour opponent.

Your Excellency

Defeat every standard World Tour opponent with at least "Excellent" rating.

From zero to hero

Go from score 0:9 to win 10:9 in a 10 goal match against Advanced A.I. or higher.

Master Blaster

Defeat all Master opponents in World Tour.

Mr Perfect

Defeat every standard World Tour opponent with "Perfect" rating.


Defeat a Master opponent with "Perfect" rating in World Tour.