Rivals of Aether achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 32 unknown)

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A Rocky Start

Complete Kragg's Story Mode

A Fiery Tale

Complete Zetterburn's Story Mode

The Apprentice Rival

Complete the Beginner Tutorial Lessons

The Watery Trap

Get a KO with Orcane's Up Special

A Slippery Saga

Complete Orcane's Story Mode

A Maypul Story

Complete Maypul's Story Mode

A Smoldering Plot

Complete Forsburn's Story Mode

An Adverse Adventure

Complete Wrastor's Story Mode

Open the Gates

Complete the Story Mode Epilogue

The Skeptical Rival

Turn on Hitboxes in Practice Mode

The Boulder Barrage

Get a KO with Kragg's rock shards

The Seasoned Rival

Complete 300 Matches Locally or Online

Into the Depths

Complete Wave 15 of Abyss Mode

The Reckless Flame

Get a KO with Zetterburn's Aerial Down Special

The Icy Plummet

Get a KO with Etalus' Up Special

The Terrible Tempest

Get a KO with Wrastor's Neutral Special off the top

The Vicious Vine

Get a KO by using Maypul's tether into an aerial

The Deadly Deception

Get a KO with Forsburn's Clone

The Master Rival

Complete all Tutorial Lessons

The Lone Rival

Defeat the Story Mode Epilogue without losing a stock

The Calculated Strike

Get a KO using Absa's cloud exploded Down Air

The Swift Rival

Earn a Gold Medal on the 7 Story Modes

The Endless Abyss

Complete Wave 45 of Abyss Mode

The Opulent Rival

Earn 100,000 Aether Coins

The Ardent Rival

Reach Level 10 with all 8 Abyss Characters