Cel Damage HD achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 16 unknown)

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New Talent

Win any level

Flipping Out

Earn 10 boosts in one match by completing forward flips with the right stick


Complete 10 sideways dodges in one match by using the right stick or LB/RB


Earn double smacks by damaging an opponent in Smack Attack while powersliding with the brake

Smart Coyote

In Death Valley, drop the 100 ton weight on opponent by shooting the target with your Basic Attack

No Favorites

Win Smack Attack while getting points from at least 10 different weapons


Win 12 different matches with a single character


Win all levels in Smack Attack mode


Win Flag Rally with at least two captures of 3 or more flags at a time


Win all levels in Gate Relay mode


Win Gate Relay having used turbo boost 20 times


Win all levels in Flag Rally mode

Be The Boss

Earn a first place finish in each Desert level in Smack Attack, Gate Relay and Flag Rally modes

Toon Star

Win all levels in all modes


Win Smack Attack while using only your character's favorite weapon collected from "!" powerups


Flatten 3 different opponents in one Gate Relay race by dodging into them with the RS or LB/RB