Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery : Episode 2 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 21 unknown)

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Out of a Jam

Complete the First Puzzle

Every Lil' Helps

Collect 15 soda cans

It's a Magic Number

Complete 7 Puzzles

A Bridge Too Far

Construct the bridge

Path Finder

Open the gate between the FireBreak Creek and the Mill

Without Merit

Earn 30000 merits

For You No Charge

Help the Beavers

Friends Reunited

Help Jeremiah complete his lifes work

Conundrum Continued

Complete Episode 2

Radical Recycler

Collect 50 soda cans

Dr Puzzler

Complete all the puzzles in Episode 2


Find the secret soda cans behind some logs

Never Ending Story

Complete 'Happily Ever Rafter' in 56 moves or less

Dam Buster

Find the Secret Soda can at the Dam

You've Got Mail

Find the Secret soda can in the mail box

Feed Me Seymour

Find the hidden cans in the potted plants

A Helping Hans

Collect All 10 Gophers

Hen Party

Collect all 13 Gnatnobblers

Finished Symphony

Complete 'Symphony of Stone' in 5 moves or less

Planks Alot

Complete 'A Pair of Planks' in 12 moves or less

Jammy Dodger

Complete 'JamtasticBore' in 9 moves or less