Cube & Star: An Arbitrary Love achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 93 unknown)

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To call them baby steps would be insulting to babies.

Leave home.

Just a little

Bring a little color to the world

Casual Collector

Unearth a single, ancient Relic.

The Road to Riches

Begin your journey to trivial wealth.

Gem Curiosity

Collect a precious, delicious gem.

Prying Eyes

Stumble upon a diary entry.

The Quirk

Bring a quirky glow to the world

Cold Comfort

Meet a Cube.

Strange Days

Unearth a history of the Tiny Things

Life by Experimentation

Experiment with a few colors.

You are a Star

Meet a few stars

The Rainbow Connection

Inform your bounding with advice from a Leaper

The Long Game

Encounter a Stalker.

Do the Jitterbug

Meet a Hovering Jitterer

Plated for your Pleasure

Stumble upon a Plated Crawler

A glaringly obvious discovery.

Find the Ancient Star.


Become intimate with a Hoarder

The Healthiest Splash

Give the world a healthy splash of color.

Hermits on Parade

Thrill to the shuddering of a Scuttler

We are all Stars

Meet many stars


Discover Fire.


Discover Logic

Burning Desire

Discover Passion

Mellow Yellow

Discover Joy

The Death and Resurrection Show

Resurrect the Tiny Things

In actuality, Star is a metaphor

Meet a lot of stars

One in four

Spread color across the lands.

Retreat into your shell

Admire the diminishing curve of a Twisted Ratio

Reduce, Reuse, Resurrect

Create a sustainable Tiny Thing population

Probably an accident...

Murder a Tiny Thing

The Flanges make it a party

Raise a Flanged Pyramid


Move straight, move bold - raise a Rook

Who are you to pass commandments?

Inspire a Stalker.

Lost without a Flower

Interrogate a Gliding Spearhead

The Digital Gom Jabbar

Raise a Windtrap - the color must flow

Low-cost, High-occupancy

Settle in muck. Raise a Shack

You've lost control of the situation

Deafen the world with the sound of Tiny Things

The Hivemind

Joy in bulk: Raise a Skyscraper

If your life is a circle - the radius is this achievement

Reflect upon a Crawling Bisection

Half and Half

Bring color to half of the world.


Raise the ominous shadow of life; raise a Tombstone


Meet a Strider. Feel inadequate

Feel free to believe in the Skunk Ape, but...

Ask the deep questions of a Flying Rod

Cruel Upbringing

Become the reaper of the Tiny Things

De Beers

Suck the earth dry of gems.

The Enigma

Decrypt the Tiny Things language.

Slithy Toves

Witness the expansion and contraction of a Groper

Smash the tablets

Inspire ten Stalkers.

How dry am I?

Dry the world, spread dust and deadly warmth

The last twist of the knife.

Reunite the Ancient Cube with the Ancient Star

Regal but a little tacky

Raise a Tower and acknowledge that glory is unattainable

Brutal Culture

Raise a Brutal Pyramid with your ominous tones


Raise a luminous Dome


Become the savior of the spores: Raise a Mushroom.

Building a Framework

Celebrate stern design by raising a Pagoda

The Overhang

Pierce the ground with a Jut

The countryside is a grim place indeed

Create a pastural mise en scene - raise a Windmill

Have a good old wallow

Sink the world into strange, rich nausea

The most colorful massacre

Flood the world with the deathly ink of Tiny Things

...for pointless distractions

Meet innumerable stars


Bring inky blackness to the world

The Historian Nobody Asked For

Uncover all Tiny Things histories.

I'll call you Pharaoh if you'll call me Sir

Invoke the anguish of a thousand souls and raise a Pyramid.

Fertility can be both a blessing and a curse

Make the world swell with fertility

Paint it Black (sans Red Door)

Paint the world with darkness

Crawl through the Muck

Spread mud, earth and primal urges

Total Saturation

Make the world a truly beautiful place.

A gross violation of privacy

Piece together the entire diary. Feel a little dirty.

Blue and Thoughtful

Crush the world under pensive agony

Optimism is a strange thing....

Imbue the world with an optimistic outlook

See the task, do the task

Introduce utility, pride, purple

They belong in a museum

Uncover every mysterious Relic.

Oh Joy!

Sprinkle a modest joy over the world

Unhealthy Affluence

Hoard an outrageous fortune. Sigh.

Think Globally, Act Erratically

Bend the world to silent reflection

I'm a passionate guy

Enflame the passions of the world

When I think fertile, I think bloated

Make a swollen and fertile world

This is... awkward

Inject a jittery uncertainty into the world

Your life, the mirage

Create a dusty utopia.

Primal Rage... except not rage.

Trigger the rise of the primal geometry friends, family...

Meet so many stars, you will become numb.

Inverse Pessimism

Twist the world into optimistic denial

Dig down, sleep deep

Soak the world in oil and bile.

Joy... means different thing to different people

Rain joy down upon the world

Purple is reserved for royalty

Twist the world beneath flamboyant pragmatism

Hot Mess

Convert the world into a red mess

The Jitters

Sweeten the pot with pink

White is hard to keep clean

Spread the white menace

I just don't know what I'm doing, anymore

Make the world question its purpose, romance, religion...

Meet a galaxy of stars.

But who are we to judge? You've seen the universe.

Meet a universe of stars.

Pink... and the Brain

Sink the world into pink

White Lightning

Burn the eyes of unbelievers with white glory.