Centauri Sector achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 22 unknown)

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And So it Begins...

A Unknown Pirate Patrol is destroyed


Reach the rank of Lieutenant

Ground Control I

Complete the first ground mission

Death is only the beginning

Lose your fleet

Strength in numbers

Acquire an escort ship


Reach the rank of Lt.Commander

Station Defense

Participate in the defense of a space station

Ground Control II

Complete the second ground mission

Shopping Time!

Acquire 5000 prestige


Complete 10 missions in a row


Acquire 2 escort ships


100 Pirate ships destroyed

Destroyer Command

Acquire a Destroyer


Reach the rank of Commander

Lost in Space

Lose the game

Ground Control III

Complete the third ground mission

Bug Hunter

Submit a Bug/Feedback


Lose your fleet 3 times in a row


Acquire 10000 prestige

Tabula Rasa Commander

Win the game

Who made this game?

Check out the credits page

Ground Control IV

Complete the fourth ground mission