MY 1980's DASHBOARD achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 38 unknown)

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Engine Start!

Driving Speed > 0 KMH

Max Speed!

Reaching 240 KMH

Half Empty Tank...Or...Half Full?

50% Fuel Left

Stage One Completed!

Complete Stage One

Warning! 10% Fuel Left!

10% Fuel Left

Hands Up! Wheels Down!

0% Fuel Left

I Never Fail! Well...Only Once

Failed Game One Time

Stage Two Completed!

Complete Stage Two

Yay! 1K!

Reaching Score Of 1000

Stage Three Completed!

Complete Stage Three

Stage Four Completed!

Complete Stage Four

Stage Five Completed!

Complete Stage Five

Well I Failed Again...So What!

Failed Game Five Times

Stage Six Completed!

Complete Stage Six

2K! 2000! Two Thousands!

Reaching Score Of 2000

Stage Seven Completed!

Complete Stage Seven

Stage Eight Completed!

Complete Stage Eight

3000! Half Way To Success!

Reaching Score Of 3000

Stage Nine Completed!

Complete Stage Nine

Stage Ten Completed!

Complete Stage Ten

Stage Eleven Completed!

Complete Stage Eleven

Stage Twelve Completed!

Complete Stage Twelve

This Is Not Possible!

Failed Game Ten Times

Stage Thirteen Completed!

Complete Stage Thirteen

Stage Fourteen Completed!

Completed Stage Fourteen

4000! Great Job!

Reaching Score Of 4000

All Stage Cleared!

Completed All Stage

Stage Fifteen Completed!

Completed Stage Fifteen

I Am Not Giving Up!

Failed Game Fifteen Times

5K! 5K! 5K!

Reaching Score Of 5000

That's It! Rage Quit!

Failed Game Twenty Timese


4499 < Score < 5000


4999 < Score < 5500


Score > 5499


Score < 3500


3499 < Score < 4000


3999 < Score < 4500

6K! Wow! You Finally Made It!

Reaching Score Of 6000