Fantasy Tales Online achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 31 unknown)

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Walk 40 km


Complete the tutorial quest

Just Doing My Civic Duty

Slay 50 monsters


Deal 1,000 damage

No Pacifists Here

Slay 100 monsters

Geared Up

Have gear in the 4 primary equipment slots

Mine Control

Help the miners secure the mines

Get Trolled

Slay the Staunch Troll

Big Damage

Deal 10,000 damage

Chest Infection

Find the first set of hidden chests

Potion Addict

Drink 100 potions

Fur Trader

Slay 50 squirrels

The Addiction Begins

Play for 10 hours

Home Sweet Home

Own a house

Brothers in Arms

Join a guild

Bathing In Blood, Guts and Slime

Slay 1000 monsters

Gold Digger

Find the second set of hidden chests

Deadly Strike

Deal 300 damage at once

Legendary Slime Slayer

Slay the king slime

Blood And Nuts

Slay 100 squirrels

I See Dead People

Complete the spectre quest line

Trade Buffett

Trade 1,000 items

Work Week

Play for 40 hours

Pain Millionaire

Deal 1,000,000 damage

The Long Haul

Play for 100 hours

Mix Master

Craft 100 potions

Locked and loaded

Have Heoric (Purple) gear in the 4 primary equipment slots

Speared Ribs

Defeat the skeleton boss

Grand Vandal

Cost 1,000,000 copper in property damage.


Get to level 40 without dying

Legendary Elite Squirrel Slayer 1000

Slay 1000 squirrels