Pro Rugby Manager 2015 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 19 unknown)

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Career Start

A career has been created.

Senior hired

You hired a senior rugbyman.

Youngster hired

You hired a young rugbyman.

Senior contract extended

You extended the contract of one of your senior rugbyman.

Infrastructure upgraded

You upgraded an infrastructure of your club.

Scout report

You read a scout report from your recruiter.

Five-Star Senior hired

You hired a five-star senior rugbyman.

5 in a Row

You have won 5 consecutive matches in Career mode

Big score

You have scored more than 40 points in a match

Finance boss

You managed to be a boss!

10 in a row

You have won 10 consecutive matches in Career mode

Champions Cup #1

You won the Champions cup.

Top 14 #1

You won the Top 14 championship.

Top 14 promotion

You have been promoted to Top 14.

Five-Star shop

You upgraded an infrastructure to its maximum level.

Aviva #1

You won the Aviva championship.

Aviva promotion

You have been promoted to Aviva.

Pro 12 #1

You won the PRO 12 championship.

End of the world