FATE: The Traitor Soul achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 10 unknown)

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Slay them all

Tons of enemies, hidden in the dark. Slay as many, as you can.

Death Conqueror

Don´t think that your soul is lost, three choices to resurrect you got.

Different Paths

To find the end of the road, all of the races should come out.

Creature Whisperer

A lot of allies you can find, summoning them with the spells you have.


To be the greatest warrior of all, the Elphame Equipment you must recall.

Thrill Skill

Not one, but all of the skills. That will make you the King of the hill.

The One and Only

There are many unique gems they say; find them all, it would be great.

All for one, one for all

All of them must reach their FATE. Races of the kingdom await.

Iron Hand

No less… no more… beating your Nemesis will be hardcore.

Glorious and Divine

Divine gems you must collect; all of them, you won´t regret.