Boo Bunny Plague achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 33 unknown)

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Robot vs. Dinosaur!

Defeated TRex

Ukulele no good!

Collected the "Useless" Acoustic

You paid attention to the cinematics, yes!

Used Gunny to defeat an enemy.

Jump in the fire!

Collected the Fire guitar.

The hammer falls!

Defeated Thor

Bad puppy!

Defeated Garmr

Underworld rap star!

Defeated Hel

Cold as ice!

Collected the Ice guitar.

One hand behind my back!

Defeated Tyr

Ride the lightning!

Collected the Electric guitar.

One down, 15 to go!

Defeated Pestilence

4 - 2 = 42

Defeated War

Cleanup crew

Third in line, first in creepy!

Defeated Famine

Apocalypse Never?

Defeated all Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Why you get wings?

Defeated Death

How the gods kill!

has defeated Thor, Garmr, Hel ,Tyr and Heimdall

Shut the All-Seeing Eye!

Defeated Heimdall

I want some too!

Permanent coffee break!

Defeated the Secretary

One shall stand...

Defeated the Chairman


Unlocked Impossible mode!

Off the rails!

It's getting hot in here

To the very end!

Honorary Bug Tester! Un-Impossible version

Burn notice!

Burn enemies 50 times.


Hit the giant donut!

Viking bounce!

Bounced on vikings 50 times

The hammer whisperer!

Stun Thor 10 times with his own hammer.

Cash rules everything around me

Say anything...

Collected All Audio Lore in one game.

Piece of cake!

Beat the game on Impossible mode!