On A Roll 3D achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 24 unknown)

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Now You're Getting It!

Complete your first area

Take Heart

Find a hidden extra life

Century Star

Collect 100 stars

Good Point

Score a total of 10,000 points

One Down, Five To Go!

Complete your first level

Star Of The Show

Collect 250 stars

Bouncing Back

Jump on springs 100 times

Point Made

Score a total of 25,000 points

Jump Right In

Jump 1,000 times

Triple Combo

Hit 3 enemies consecutively


Collect 500 stars


Hit bumpers 100 times

I Get The Point

Score a total of 50,000 points

Millennium Star

Collect 1,000 stars

Give Us Some Credit!

View the credits screen

In For The Kill

Kill 100 enemies

Turn Things Around

Play the game upside-down!

You Know The Score

Score a total of 100,000 points


Trigger dynamite 25 times

Stellar Performance

Collect 2,500 stars

You've Done It!

Complete the game

Let's Roll

Complete Garden Trail Area 1 in under 1 minute and 12 seconds

I'm The Boss

Defeat the final boss without losing any stars

Settle A Score

Score a total of 250,000 points