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No missable achievements (plus 72 unknown)

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Payment please

Complete 1 Side Quest


Field medic

Revive a party member

Not this time

Kill a thief attempting to flee


Clear a Cave

All that glitters

Purge the Glittering Mines

Pay tribute

Honor 3 Stone Heros

Penny saver

Have 300 Gold

Secret shopper

Unlock 1 item from the Lore Store

Critical fail

Break a weapon

Mind over matter


Undead killer

Sweet tooth

Use 10 candies

Paying the toll

Defeat the Bandit King

Clear skies ahead

Defeat Disciple


Solve the King's Maze

Protector of the Gods

Defeat the Foul Priestess

Instant karma

Defeat the Hangman

End of the rainbow

Defeat Lucky

He's on fire!

Defeat Coal Heart


Have 1500 Gold

Such a pity...

First party wipe

Not so funny anymore

Defeat the Royal Droll

Your time is up

Defeat the Old One

Rock and a hard place

Defeat Deimos

Put that in your pipe

Use 100 herbs

No sweat

Just the tip

Enter Hildebrant's Cellar

Up up and away


Kill 10 enemies with Firearms

The Mummy's Curse

Purge the Buried Temple

Honor the dead

Honor 15 Stone Heros

The morning after

Help Hildebrant retrace his steps


Defeat 3 Triclops

What a view!

Reach the top of Harazuel

Sally forth!

Break a sieged town

Would you like a receipt with that?

Unlock 20 items from the Lore Store

Easy peasy

That's Deep

Reach the bottom of Hildebrant's Cellar

X Marks the Spot

Something's Fishy

Kill 30 Fishfolk


Have 5000 Gold

Till death do us part

Defeat the Yeti, free her "prisoner"

Ice and Fire

Unlock the armory

Pearl diver

Clear 5 Sea Caves in 1 game

Sushi chef

Kill the Kraken

Do you ever feel bad?

Murder 30 Hags

Chosen one

Kill 1000 Enemies

Double Deep

Reach the Inferno

Rock n' roll

Topple 15 Crag Monsters

Thumpity thump thump

Kill 5 Snowmen

Order from Chaos

Dragon Slayer

I hate mimics

Defeat 10 Mimics

All sales are final

Unlock 40 items from the Lore Store

Side business

Complete 50 Side Quests

Prison break

Escape the Mage Dungeon

Land Ho!

So many bones

Smash 150 Skellys

Pick on someone your own size

Crush 25 Imps


Defeat 100 Beastmen

Lost and Found

Find Captain Greenbeard's Ship

It's getting hot in here

Survive the Lava Dungeon

Drain the swamp

Clear the Flooded Crypt

Wet 'N Wild

Lest we forget

Honor 50 Stone Heros

Swan Song

Defeat the Songstress

Gold Digger

Win a game of Gold Rush

Boom goes the dynamite.

Get killed by a suicidal enemy

Hero of Fahrul

Legend of Fahrul