Ittle Dew achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 15 unknown)

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Technical Pacifist

Defeat an off-screen enemy

Tool Assisted

Complete the game with all three items

The Hard Way

Discover a shortcut in an item dungeon

Stratospheric Picnic

Launch a Pancake enemy into the air

Compost Crypt Completed

Complete the Compost Crypt

Crayon Pumping

Find every piece of paper

Masterfully Executed Failure

Teleport a flying axe so that it hits you anyway

Three Hours Dungeon

Complete the game in less than three hours

My Brain Is Large

Complete the Master Cave

Number One Fan

Find every card

Keep Your Cool

Complete the game with only Fire sword and Portal wand


Complete the game with only Fire sword and Ice wand


Complete the game with only Portal wand and Ice wand

Keepin It Jenny

Complete the game without harming any Frog, Fox, Berry or Deer Jennys

Just Dew It

Complete the game in less than 15 minutes