BitMaster achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 18 unknown)

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You are dead


Annihilator I

Killed 1 024 mobs

Stage 2

Survive till the second stage

Die, Jackanapes!

Defeat the Twin boss at least once

Wrecking Ball

Defeat the Stronghold boss at least once

Bug Butcher

Defeat the Swarm boss at least once

Stage 3

Survive till the third stage

UFO destructor

Defeat the Vortex Defender at least once

Snake Killer

Defeat the Dragon boss at least once

Annihilator II

Killed 32 768 mobs

Stage 4

Survive till the fourth stage

Buffs? Nah.

Defeat the Dragon without using time crystals

Annihilator III

Killed 524 288 mobs


Unlock all the five heroes

Too Brisk

Defeat the Vortex Defender without taking any damage

Stage 5

Survive till the fifth stage

The Breach

Escape the Factor city and break the Fourth Wall

Suicide Quad

All heroes escaped the Factor city