Atonement: Scourge of Time achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 36 unknown)

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The Garden of Death

Complete Act 1 with Nail’s team.

Bringing Down the Beast

Hunt down the Chimera in the woods.

Swift Solution

Defeat the (first fight with) Chimera within 6 turns.


Defeat Ronard and his assistants without Elleria or Gashrun getting K.Oed.

Breaking the Camp

Infiltrate the Promgan slave camp and defeat its leaders.

Predatory Underbrush

Complete Act 1 with Elleria’s team.

The Food Chain

Locate the Man-Eater plant and destroy it.

Capital Punishment

Complete Act 2 with Nail’s team.

Gliding Through Water

Bring Lasarg his lost bow.

Paranormal Investigator

Find and read all the journals in Fort Caskell.

Divine Guidance

Complete Act 3 with Nail’s team.

Rat Trouble

Sort out the plagued rat problem in the Capital.

Brotherly Bond

Convince Ignis to stop killing people.

Treacherous Tunnels

Complete Act 2 with Elleria’s team.

Lost in a Maze

Find the missing man in the Medias tunnels.

Crafting the Unknown

Acquire the rare Nihil Blade.

Task for the Unholy

Complete Act 3 with Elleria’s team.

Giant Slayer

Find and defeat the giant on Mt Cereus (as Nail’s team).

Justice is Served

Help Denshor village with the bandit problem.

Fate’s Challenge

Let Gashrun confront the challenges of the Shrine of Phantoms.

I Missed You

Have Kanden reunite with his girlfriend.

Freed from Torment

Find and lay to rest all the tormented souls in the Capital.

Path of a Champion

Complete the game with Nail’s team.

The Iron Fist

Liberate town of Vesar from a powerful despot.

Driven by Madness

Send Lomgorth’s spirit into the afterlife.

Path of an Adversary

Complete the game with Elleria’s team.

Hidden Memory

Gain access into the locked room in Lomgorth’s Tower.

Ravages of Time

Cursed Bloodline


Teach Sugel a lesson.

Going Backwards

Despot Dethroned

Defeat Rick the Despot on Challenging mode.

Source of the Problem

Golem Bane

Defeat Lomgorth’s golems on Challenging mode.

Path of a Legend

Complete the game with Nail’s team on Challenging difficulty.

Path of an Antihero

Complete the game with Elleria’s team on Challenging difficulty.