FOTONICA achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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Complete one level.

Well Done

Complete the tutorial.

The Farmer

Listen to the sounds of nature.

Iron Mask

Prove your face indestructible.


Reach gold speed twice in an endless level

Silent Sage

Complete every level, any difficulty.

Golden Gun

Stay in gold for more than 60s


Complete a multiplayer run.


Complete a level with alternate controls.

Pink Daisy

Collect a column of dots.

Light Speed

Run with a speed over 100m/s.

Killer Run

Get over 10000pts on any level.

Random Mind

Get over 25000pts in an endless level.


Play FOTONICA without distractions.

Last Station

Complete all levels on all difficulties.

Unspoken Runner

Run more than 1000000m.

Love Pills

Collect more than 999 total dots.

Golden Sage

Get over 10000pts on each level.

Eternal Mind

Reach a new state of consciousness


Complete everything.