Chaos Theory achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 12 unknown)

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Winning Spree

Complete 10 levels in a row without hitting retry

Fast Thinker

Finish 20 Levels at the first try

Homeland Defender

Finish Level 37 'Never let the red ball break through II'


Learn to use all game elements to perfection

Multiplier Dominator

Finish Level 44 'Clockwork'


Be smart and finish all the tutorials at the first try

Game Master

Complete all levels

Master Sniper

Finish Level 33 'Precise Shooting' in under 75 seconds

Pro Batter

Finish Level 29 'Shuffle Puck' in under 30 seconds


Find a way through the 'Labyrinth' in under 30 seconds

Switch Man

Find a way through Level 48 'Railroad' in under 85 seconds

Penalty King

Finish Level 47 'Curling Cross' in under 1 minute