My Pet Rock achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 26 unknown)

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Show them who's boss

Killed 500 Enemies

The Citizen

Unlocked the Citizen!

The Engineer

Unlocked the Engineer!

Getting used to this

Killed 1000 Enemies


Killed 10 Bosses


Fully upgraded the rock

1000 Degree Ship Challenge

Killed 100 Enemies using fire

The Task Force

Unlocked the Task Force!

Parts for my ship

Killed 25 Bosses

The Miner

Unlocked the Miner!

The Janitor

Unlocked the Janitor!

The Farmer

Unlocked the Farmer!

Trophy Hunting

Killed 50 Bosses

Mountains of metal scrap

Killed 10000 Enemies

My Pet Planet

This isn't really a rock anymore!

The Scientist

Unlocked the Scientist!

The Downfall of Rock.Co

Or is it...?

The Lawyer

Unlocked the Lawyer!

Early Destruction

High Roller

Won a Prize from the Slot Machine 25 Times

Russian Roulette

Beat the Game Using Russian Roulette


Beat the Game Using Elitist

Eye for an Eye

Beat the Game Using Eye for an Eye


Beat the Game using WMD


Survival Mode

Beat the Game Using Survival Mode