Final Rush achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 27 unknown)

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Get a tier 3 RUSH reward.

10 for 10

Get a Giga Kill.

You won, bro!

Win a full match.


Play with someone who has this.


Buy an experimental weapon.

Don't Tase Me Bro

(It had to be added) Kill a Taser Bot while being Tased.

Big Bucks

Get 100,000 score over multiple matches.

New and Improved

Buy all the upgrades in a single match.

You're so critical of everything

Get 200 critical hits.

First Steps

Reach the rank of Initiate

Warm Blooded Killer

Kill 1,000 Enemies.

Hyper Lethal

Get 25 critical kills in a row.

Basic Training

Complete the training skill tree

Do you know who I am?

Get the highest level killing spree.


Respecialize your skills

Somewhat Unique

Buy an armor customization.

Locked and Loaded

Upgrade every part of a weapon.


Win on each of the original 3 maps, Cargo, Mercury Switch, and Serial

Lucky 13

Reach the rank of 13th Seat, Junior


Beat a level on Extreme difficulty.

Can I have more content yet?

Kill 5,000 Enemies.

Crowd Surfer

Ride 'em for 10 seconds.

Stay Frosty

Beat Frost on Hard or Higher.

Hard Limit

You've reached the limit. For now.

Core of the matter

On Core, complete a full match on normal difficulty, without dying.

Best Disinfectant

Kill 6 enemies with a single AVLaser shot.

Fully Outfitted

Buy 3 full sets of armor.