The Legend of Korra™ achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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Down and Out

Completed Chapter 1.

Escape from the City

Completed Chapter 2.

More than Hot Leaf Juice

Bought your first item at the shop.

Hop Hop Hoppity

Jumped 100 times.

Ready for Battle

Equip your first item in Korra's Room.

The Power of Water

Completed Chapter 3.

Zhu Li! Do the Thing!

Used your first equipped item.

Ooooh, Shiny!

Entered the Collection Screen for the first time after finding a treasure.

To the South!

Completed Chapter 4.

Kung Fu Master

Went into Clash Mode 10 times.

Nowhere Else to Go

Completed Chapter 5.

Be the Leaf

Dodged 100 times.

Sure, Come On In

Completed Chapter 6.

That Escalated Quickly

Completed Chapter 7.

The Aftermath

Completed Chapter 8.

Right Back At Ya!

Countered 100 times.


Performed 100 Finishing Moves.


Got 10 Knockouts in Pro-bending matches.


Won a Face-Off in a Pro-bending match.

Combo Master

Obtained all combos.

Jill of all Trades

Completed all tutorials.

Good Girl!

Completed a Naga Running sequence without hitting anything.

Full-Baked Avatar

Maxed out all bending types.

Not a Booster Rocket

Went into Avatar State 10 times.

The Fire Ferrets Strike Again!

Completed the highest difficulty of Pro-bending.

Talisman Collector

Purchased 12 talismans.

Extreme Avatar

Completed the game on Extreme difficulty.

Go in Peace

Spirit-bended 200 dark spirits.

My Cabbages!!

Collected 10 cabbages.


Collected every treasure item.