FORCED SHOWDOWN achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 81 unknown)

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Take A Bow

Finish your first Campaign (win or lose).

The Revolver

Kill 6 enemies in 6 seconds.

Best Pals

Beat 15 arenas with your companion surviving.


Collect 100 points.


Play a Spell, an Upgrade and a Consumable card in one turn.

Keep 'em Coming

Kill 400 enemies.

You're Fired!

Complete The Crucible.


Win 10 battles.

Locked and Loaded

Have consumables in all 4 slots.

Don't Need 'em

Win a battle without picking up any health globes. Globes sent to you by companion pickup or arena completion are allowed.

Where are my Rupees?

Destroy 14 barrels within 2 seconds.

Dat Mana Curve Tho'

Win a battle with no mana unspent (all arenas).

Mana Surplus

Win a battle with no cards left in hand.

Can't Touch This

Clear 3 arenas in a row without taking damage.

All Spent

Win a battle with no cards or mana left.

Eat It!

Defeat Graw in Frontline.

Loot Ninja

Collect 300 points.

Flawless Victory

Beat a boss without taking damage.

Beware of Companion

Kill 100 enemies with your companion.

Reaper Man

Kill 1500 enemies.

Close One

Prevent 100 damage with a single Guardian Light.

Calcium Deficiency

Defeat Mordar in Frontline.

Record Breaker

Clear 5 arenas in less than 12 seconds each.

Crowd Pleaser

Reach 300 Points.


Win a battle without playing any spells.

Tamagochi Master

Win a battle without letting your companion die.


Win a battle, having played cards of mana cost 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

Instant Karma

Knock 30 enemies down with Magma Shield.

Putting the Magic in MTG

Play 150 spell cards.

Pacifist Pet

Win a battle without your companion killing any enemies.

Tanks For Nothing

Defeat Ruby von Wouthingtonne IV in Frontline.

Just Supplements

Play 350 upgrade cards.

Just In Case

Have 10 consumables in your consumable inventory at the same time.

Too Much Coffee

Perform 5 strafes within 8 seconds.

Bend it Like Beckham

Play a kicker-effect with 8+ extra mana.

Tough Enough

Win a battle without playing more than 2 upgrades.

Getting Miffed

Gain 1000 frenzy.

You are The One

Win a battle with the Heat Wave rule without getting hit by the fireballs.


Win a battle without killing any summoned enemies.

Show Off

Win a battle without using your basic attack.

Fit as a Fiddle

Reach 400 health.

The Spice of Life

Beat Frontline or higher with 2 different contestants.

Spare The Rod

Win a battle with the Raff's Son modifier without ever letting him survive.


Kill 6 enemies with 1 Volcanic Strike.

Trinkets 'r' Me

Play 150 consumable cards.

Float Like a Butterfly

Reach 85% block chance.

Big Spender

Spend 20 mana in one card phase.


Play 8 cards in one turn.


Win 100 battles.

Daylight Robbery

Play a card that costs more than 8 mana.


Win a battle without personally destroying any barrels.


Beat Frontline or higher with 3 different companions.

Critical Mass

Reach 100% crit chance.

Gotta Go Fast

Take no more than 20 seconds in any one arena in a battle.

Line 'em up

Kill 4 enemies with one Pulse Rifle piercing shot.

Greased Lightning

Beat a boss with Stormbringer without taking damage.

Guardian Light On Cooldown

Beat a boss with Squire of Light without taking damage.

Bubble Pop

Burst 5 plasma balls in 10 seconds.

Brace for Impact

Hit 6 enemies with one Jetpack Jump.


Beat a boss with Volco without taking damage.

Thunderous Applause

Beat The Grand Return with Stormbringer.

Surpassing The Mentor

Complete The Mentor's Maze.

All Yours

Beat 5 arenas with Stormy getting all kills.

Not a Scratch

Beat a boss with Ravager without taking damage.

Lighting the Way

Beat The Grand Return with Squire of Light.

Maze Mission Accomplished

Beat The Mentor's Maze with Settsu.


Beat The Grand Return with Volco.

Every Nook And Cranny

Reach 1000 Points in The Mentor's Maze.

Maze Runner

Complete The Mentor's Maze in 12 battles or less (bonus battles don't count).

Pinball Master

Kill 10 enemies with the Pinball.

Punching Bag

Win a battle, having taken 1000+ damage.

Carnage Complete

Beat The Grand Return with Ravager.

¡Toro! ¡Toro!

Win 3 battles with Denver as companion, without getting hit by him.

Points Of The Maze

Collect 5000 points in The Mentor's Maze.

R3-KT Got Wrecked

Complete The Mentor's Maze in 9 battles or less (bonus battles don't count).


Dismantle 30 cards.

In Charge

Beat The Mentor's Maze with Stormbringer.

Light At The End

Beat The Mentor's Maze with Squire of Light.

Blazing Through

Beat The Mentor's Maze with Volco.

Assembly Line

Use 30 zapperbots.


Beat The Mentor's Maze with Ravager.