Majestic Nights achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 53 unknown)

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The Inspectinator

You inspected all of the things... in Beardsley's Office.

Low Blow

You hit Chuck where it counts.

Sneaky Bastard

You found the secret entrance to the Safe House.

Basement Dweller Extermination

You 'cleaned' all the Suits in the Basement.

Push It To The Limit... LIMIT!

You won at Majestic Night-ing.


You looked at the posters. We love you.

"Put some goddamn clothes on!"

You killed the Underpants Warrior

The Wrong Goddamn Rec Room

You shouldn't have disturbed the lecturer - he really hates it.

Cardholder's Past Achievements: 2

You heard some more about Cardholder's exploits.


How could you not be a fan of Shatner? For shame.

Nancy Would Be Disappointed

You bought some drugs. Mrs Reagan would not approve.

Don't spend it all in one place

You got the nickles from the cigarette machine, you tightass.

These belong in a museum!

You found the room with Cardholder and a strange artefact.

Passed it to the left hand side

Spoke to the Cowboy

"We're all fine here now, thank you. How are you?"

Use the radio to divert attention of guards.

It's Not Paranoia...

You called your own office three times, you weirdo. Someone picked up.

Elevator Action

You took the elevator to the basement

Callie's got a gun

You 'bought' a pistol in the bathroom.

Media Unrelations

Way to piss off the informant, hero.

You spent it all in one place

You gave the nickles to the bum.

Cardholder's Wall of Crazy

You saw Cardholder's own Wall of Crazy. Yours is better.

Air America

The CIA sold and exported drugs. It's pretty well known by now.

Rear Window

You saw the Suit leaving Piscine's

Media Relations

You smoothtalked your way into owning a crappy old notebook. Congrats?


You messed with poor old Lloyd. Are you proud of yourself?

Poor ol' Jerry

You learned about Jerry's miserable life.

Cardholder's Past Achievements: 1

You heard about Cardholder's exploits.

Where you're going, you don't need... Your things

You left your office without getting your stuff.

Find Your Centre

You stood in the middle of your Zen Garden, because Zen.


You stood in the centre of the Zen Garden. Again. Why!?

Jukebox Odd Docs

You played the weird soundbyte on the Jukebox

The Truth Is In Here

You found the 3 'Biggest' pieces of Truth.

I Have No Recollection Of That

Inspect the DC9

When you gotta go...

Entered the outhouse. Haha... Poop joke.

But That Trick Never works!

Tried the 'Presto' magic trick.

Eavedrop II

Overhear the briefing in J.P. Morgan Offices

Dead end. Get it?

Get squished in the dead end in the Waterhole

...But it was all a dream!

Made it through mystical tent.

Urinal World of Hurt

Survive the bathroom encounter

Collateral Damage

Slaugher all the Villagers in the Ambush

Frisky Business

Acquire gun from the 'amorous' couple

See ya Later...

Get eaten by Alligators in the Waterhole

Musical appreciation

Eavesdrop I

Listen to tourist conversation in bookseller

Insert 'lion' pun here

Get eaten by Lions in the Waterhole

Evil not-so-dead

Attempted the 'Klaatu Barada Nikto' spell.

Sharing Is Caring

Global Thermonuclear War

Try to play games on the computer

Art Appreciation class

Walk around the artwork in hotel lobby.

Tactical Withdrawal

Kill no villagers in the Ambush

Best. Coverstory. EVER.

Pretend to be 'mister luigi' after also pretending to be there to fix the vending machine.

Cruisin' Together

Take 4 laps of the block in the taxi


Use Zander's business card to fool J.P. Morgan security