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No missable achievements (plus 34 unknown)

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Trinity's Chains

Defeat TrinityTrinity could not stop this cycle, nor can she ever stop the wheel of reincarnation from spinning.

Follow the Leader

Enter the real "game" with the narrator

Thor's Loyalty

Defeat ThorThor understood Judas' ultimate goal, and paid the ultimate price of splitting his self to serve Judas.

Parker's Lost Heart

Defeat ParkerParker, betrayed by Judas, retreated with no conscience to the dark corners of the metro.

Gorger's Apathy

Defeat GorgerGorger was a simple resident of Ultimopolis that sacrificed himself to Judas without regret... or any other feelings.

Buy Another Copy!

Witness secrets of development in the "Archive Room"

Carlos' Ambitions

Defeat CarlosCarlos was fed up with the constant sacrifice of his self in each reincarnation. His solution? Kill and replace the Chosen One.

Junk Jumper

Jump into sewage 3 times


Do not activate the photon bridge and jump 3 times into the ravine


Enter level "Shio"

Jack's Faith

Defeat JackWhile Jack's faith is unwavering, being banished to the furthest corner of the world left him unable to even come close to the Chosen One.

The Abyss Watches Back

Confront the Yellow King in the monitor room


Discover the truth of ICEY's birth

Ideon's Resignation

Defeat IdeonIdeon's self was slowly destroyed through the process of never-ending reincarnation, leaving him even more vulnerable to Judas' manipulation.

Once Isn't Enough

Do not wake up ICEY

Gate Crasher

Ignore the narrator and enter Emberville before the gate closes

Judas' Repentance

Defeat JudasJudas had long ago given up his struggle. As he ascended the Clock Tower, the Black Star rose once more.

Black Star Rises

And in the dark of night, the unfathomable Black Star rises

Dahal's Pain

Defeat DahalOnly in a virtual world is such a thing possible... To mix two beings' memories... Because of this, Dahal short-circuited.

True Love

Do not kill Dahal's self which lives within Trinity

Modern Day Pandora's Box

Break open Pandora's box

Waiting for Nothing

Wait for a few minutes in the "Totally Empty Room"

Bronze Trophy

Earn a bronze trophy in the "Totally Empty Room"

Silver Trophy

Earn a silver trophy in the "Totally Empty Room"

Trophy Addict

Finish the story in the "Totally Empty Room"

Restart, Restart

Keep trying to go left in the "extra area"

Trinity's Self

Defeat TrinityEven after her memories were mixed with another's, Trinity still tried to prevent the birth of the Chosen One. That was, of course, futile.

People Are Pigs

Select "Not Ready" before the final battle

"Outside" Fire

Encourage the narrator to meet the tip of a bullet

CEO and Miss Perfect

Earn sponsorship for the game

God's 9 Billion Names

Learn the name of God

And the Next Song is...?

Destroy the background music player

To Meet You Again

Witness the birth of ICEY's self-awareness


Earn all trophies