Alexia Crow achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 14 unknown)

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Open the cave

Complete the first two puzzles and open the main gate

Gaia ridle

Solve the 4 puzzles in the Gaia room

Mistery song

Play the lira a song that Hermes like

Defeat the ciclops

Solve the puzzle that helps Heracles to defeat the ciclops

Mystery beyond the sea

Solve the puzzle that envolves the sphere pilars


Create the two magic stones

Chronos is looking

Place the 3 objects on the Chronos room

Two keys

Get the two keys of the game

What time is it?

Complete the clock puzzle in the first level

Chess Master

Complete the 4 horses puzzle

Ey! Wake up!

Place the two golden crosses in Typhoon cave

Atlantis Initiative

Solve the puzzles of the atlantis initiative

Defeat the minotaur

Solve the minotaur maze

Defeat Cerberus

Solve the crystal stones puzzle