No Turning Back: The Pixel Art Action-Adventure Roguelike achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 23 unknown)

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Dead Man Falling I

Died 250 Times

Slayer I

Kill 1000 Enemies

Vampirism I

Spilling some blood

Gold Digger I

Obtain 50,000 Gold

The Soul Tempest

Unlock The Soul Tempest Class

The Soul Revoker

Unlock The Soul Revoker Class

The Shade Spinner

Unlock The Shade Spinner Class

The Plate Arachnid

Unlock The Plate Arachnid Class

The Inhumane Butcher

Unlock The Inhumane Butcher Class

The Ancient Invoker

Unlock The Ancient Invoker Class

The Swifteye

Unlock The Swifteye Class

The Flame Stalker

Unlock The Flame Stalker Class

The Death Caller

Unlock The Death Caller Class

The Flame Arachnid

Unlock The Flame Arachnid Class

The Cannibal Minister

Unlock The Cannibal Minister Class

The Armoured Weaver

Unlock The Armoured Weaver Class

The Apparition

Unlock The Apparition Class

The Spirit Knight

Unlock The Spirit Knight Class

The Hell Templar

Unlock The Hell Templar Class

The Swift Cremator

Unlock The Swift Cremator Class

The Illusionist

Unlock The Illusionist Class

The Guardian Warlock

Unlock The Guardian Warlock Class

The Agile Pyromancer

Unlock The Agile Pyromancer Class