Dragon Fantasy: The Black Tome of Ice achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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The Stuff of Dreams

Defeat the Dream Dragon.

Bounty Hunter

Complete a bounty hunt.


Capture a monster.

Separation Anxiety

Split our heroes up to cover more ground.

Cannon Fodder

The Kraken returns.


Explore a side-dungeon.


Craft an item.

Pengfjord Village

Wenk Wenk Wenk! <They're just so cuddly!>


Capture 10 monsters.

Dang that hurt.

Have Ogden take an unplanned nap at the Road House.

Tearful Reunion

Defeat Milly in the Coliseum.


Get a science lesson from Sarien Pontifex.

Good Bounty

Complete 10 bounties.

It's a Rock, Man

He's Mega powerful.

A Queen's Fall

Defeat the Black Queen.

Ships Ahoy

Take control of the SS Rennety.

Rockington Falls

Visit the home of the Rock Monsters.

Weller Educated

Read 30 books.

Bounty. Hunted.

Complete 20 bounties.


See the Northern Blockade.


Capture 30 monsters.

Third Time's a Charm

Be overly protective of Sally.

Dungeon Runner

Explore all the side-dungeons.

Maxed out

Reach level 99 with a character.

You just gotta.

Capture 50 monsters.


Craft 20 items.

Master Craftsman

Craft 100 items.

Office Visit

Find the developer's room.


Craft 50 items.

Riding Solo

Defeat the Black Queen with only a single party member.