Blood and Gold: Caribbean! achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 39 unknown)

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Some like it hard

Start the game as escaped convict

This lady means trouble

Start the game as female character

Business startup

Purchase your first enterprise in a city

Officer and gentleman

Gain your first military rank

The taste of freedom

Escape from slavery

I just wanna talk

Opt to talk with a prostitute instead of having sex

On my own

Establish your own faction

Marrying into title

Marry a governor's daughter

Hold my beer

Win in a tavern brawl

Where's my whip and fedora?

Complete "The temple of destiny" mission

This is marine corps!

Capture a city by assault from the sea

A man of means and taste

Hoard 1 million piastres

The heaviest battalions

Raise an army of 200 soldiers

Burning bright

Set enemy ship aflame with a fireship

Invisible hand of the market

Send a convoy to another city


Become a governor on English service


Loot a christian mission

Santiago y cierra, EspaƱa!

Become a governor on Spanish service


Capture a city by assault from the land

Lee Harvey Oswald

Do the contract assassination from the window 10 times

Me and my ladies

Run protection racket controlling 10 brothels at once

For the king!

Become a governor on French service


Steal a shovel while escaping from slavery

The great armada

Have a fleet of three 1st rank ships of the line

Das Boot

Sink an enemy 1st rank ship of the line in battle

Zone of comfort

End up in slavery 10 times

The orange soldier

Become a governor on Dutch service

They are like a family to me

Have 15 governors in your faction

Show some skin

Give the strippers tips amounting to 50 thousands piastres

Vice squad

Scuffle with procurers and prostitutes while having the Catholic or Protestant trait

Easy rider

Win an illegal race

The scents of genocide

Defeat 50 parties of natives

New World Order

Own 100 enterprises

Deal the deck

Defeat the richest opponent in the game of cards until he runs out of money

Queen of the battlefield

Field a battery of 5 cannons

No need for a hood

Do the contract assassinations from the window, from the roof and dressed as a nun, and complete the "Triple murder" mission

Made man

Arrange a release from slavery by force with the help from the outside

Insatiable desires

Have sex with a prostitute in every city in game

The pirate king

Complete the Ann Ward storyline