Infinity Escape achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 13 unknown)

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Into The Blue Way

Finish Level 001.

Pyramid Breaker

Destroy 100 pyramids.

Out To Purple Path

Finish Level 002.

The Violet Road

Finish Level 003.

Pyramid Crasher

Destroy 1000 pyramids.

A Greenish Route

Finish Level 004.

Beat The Red Track

Finish Level 005.

Over The Misterious Passage

Finish Level 006.

At The Fire Gate

Finish Level 007.

Trespass The Cold Alley

Finish Level 009.

Arrive At The Infinity Cross

Finish Level 010.

Through The Lilac Access

Finish Level 008.

Pyramid Destroyer

Destroy 10000 pyramids.