Nebula Online achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 27 unknown)

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Работоспособность двигателей

Fly 1000 AU

Nebula’s miner

Obtain 10 ores


Change the quality of one of your companions to ordinary

Pirate’s destroyer

Destroy 5 Space pirates ships

Llerey’s destroyer

Destroy 5 Llerey ships


Craft 1 module

Through asteroids and fragments

Get 2 level

Galactic banker

Obtain 500 credits

Destructive power

Damage enemy ship’s housing by 50000 points

Galactic guard

Complete 1 contract

O’Shali’s destroyer

Destroy 5 O’Shali ships

Repairing work

Repair 50000 points of your ship’s damaged covering

Member of a space society

Join a coalition

Collector of rarities

Obtain 100 neutron


Destroy enemy

Drilling works

Obtain 10 nebula elements

Expansion of possession

Capture 1 solar system

Expansion of a flotilla

Accept 1 person to the coalition


Destroy enemy ship of another player in you race’s solar system


Build an outpost

Important member of a space society

Get an officer rank in the coalition

Space adventurer

Destroy enemy ship of another player in a solar system of another race


Build a fortification

Weapon mechanic

Build a turret

Aspiration to the stars

Became the admiral of the race

Race leader

Became the high commander of the race

Space studying

Visit 10 systems