3030 Deathwar Redux achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 39 unknown)

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It's 3030

Played the game

Don't get cocky, kid

Docked for the first time

Make it so, Mr Crusher

You got yourself a split capable ship

Feeling lucky

Talked to Frank Zoed

Arrow to the knee

Talked to 30 Station Folk

Punch it, Bishop

Left the Andinti system

Premium rates

Talked to Jimmy Chou

Uber 3030 Driver

Completed 5 taxi missions

Councillor Troy to the Bridge

Talked to 100 station folk

Can't touch this!

Killed an enemy with your shields and hull untouched

Garbage Disposal

Destroyed 100 pieces of space junk

Try before you buy

Turned a spaceship in ship viewer

For the crunch

Squashed a LadyBug

Hardened Driver

Completed 10 taxi missions

I'm the real Quaid!

Told Quaid that Quaid isn't paying


Killed 10 Pirates

Locked on rock

Targeted an Asteroid

Bug Buster

Squashed a few Aphids

On the Rocks

Crews are not expendable

Rescued a fellow Spacefarer

Dead or Alive, you're coming with me

Returned a captured Pirate to station

Welcome to the Caribbean, love!

Visited the asteroid carved face Pirate base


Stole Cargo from Traffic


Killed 50 Pirates

Cleaning up the town

Squashed more Aphids

Neither tarnished nor afraid

Visted a famously dangerous system

Ships for sale!

Visited the famous High Tech System

Death Blossom

Killed 3 ships in under 10 seconds

Back on your feet

Earned back 2 Million

It's a smegging garbage pod!

Destroyed 500 pieces of space junk


Killed 100 Pirates

Cautious Cat

Remembered to eject the jumba beans!

Quaid Got Played

Convinced Quaid to pay you c600

Population control

Squashed a statistically significant number of Aphids

Captain Planet

Destroyed 1000 pieces of space junk

You're just grinding metal

Aphids and you don't get along

Successful Captain

Secured 10 Million in credits

The "Knowledge"

Completed 50 taxi missions

Finally Above the Law

Somehow got together 100 Million