Into the Void achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 19 unknown)

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Research any tech


Craft any item

On the way to perfection

Upgrade any item

Raising power

Construct a new ship

Void stalker

Return home alive


Extract any resources from planet or star.

Act I completed

Complete act I.

Knowledge is power

Fully research any branch

Act II completed

Complete Act II.

Act III completed

Complete Act III.

Yellow to Red

Complete a battle against an ultimate En Eire fleet.

Advanced science

Complete a battle against an ultimate Kalthem fleet.

The Empress's Royal Fleet

Complete a battle against an ultimate Auslia fleet.

Act IV completed

Complete Act IV.

Pirate Destroyer

Complete a battle against an ultimate BOA fleet.

Junior lieutenant

Complete a game on easy


Complete a game on normal difficulty

Admiral of the fleet

Complete a game on extreme difficulty


Complete a game on hard difficulty