Batman™: Arkham Origins Blackgate - Deluxe Edition achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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Now You're Getting It

Get a 12 hit combo

Domestic Disturbance

Catch Catwoman in Gotham City

In the Flow

Get a 25 hit combo

Cage Match

Born on a Monday

Fresh Beats

Beatdown 10 thugs

The Man Who Sometimes Misses

He's Sleeping

Perform 20 stealth takedowns

Oral Hygiene

Find and destroy all Joker teeth

Cobblepot's Plot Was All For Naught

Defeat Penguin

Last Laugh

Defeat Joker

Face Off

Defeat Black Mask

CSI: Blackgate

Complete your first detective case

Cat Scratch Fever


Die from inhaling gas

Talk to the Hand

Find all gauntlet upgrades


Find all RUSH upgrades

Armored Edition

Find all armor upgrades

Bird on a Wire

Find and destroy all Penguin bird cages

Grave Digger

Unlock the Zombie Suit

Unnecessary Roughness

Get a 50 hit combo


Find and destroy all of Black Mask's masks

Circuit Breaker

Bad Case of the Mondays

Party Pooper

Flew the Coop

World's Greatest Detective

Complete all detective cases


Get a 100 hit combo

World's Snazziest Dresser

Obtain all Batsuits attainable through gameplay

The Collector

Find all detective cases and have all pickups and upgrades