Harvest Seasons achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 428 unknown)

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500 Coins

Collect 500 Coins.

100 Wood

Harvest 100 Wood.

100 Produce

Harvest 100 Produce.

2500 Coins

Collect 2500 Coins.

25 Building Requests

Complete 25 building requests.

5 Buildings

Construct 5 buildings.

500 Wood

Harvest 500 Wood.

100 Population

Gather 100 Population.

50 Building Requests

Complete 50 building requests.

500 Produce

Harvest 500 Produce.

10,000 Coins

Collect 10,000 Coins.

100 Culture

Gather 100 Culture.

100 Science

Gather 100 Science.

500 Population

Gather 500 Population.

100 Building Requests

Complete 100 building requests.

Buy 1 Blueprint

Buy a Blueprint from the Construction Yard.

50,000 Coins

Collect 50,000 Coins.

2500 Wood

Harvest 2500 Wood.


Unlock the Sawmill and start generating Wood.

100 Battle

Gather 100 Battle.

500 Culture

Gather 500 Culture.

100,000 Coins

Collect 100,000 Coins.

2500 Produce

Harvest 2500 Produce.

100 Skins

Harvest 100 Skins.

200 Building Requests

Complete 200 building requests.

2500 Population

Gather 2500 Population.

500 Science

Gather 500 Science.

10 Buildings

Construct 10 buildings.

Train Station

Unlock the Train Station and start generating Population.

500 Battle

Gather 500 Battle.

500 Skins

Harvest 500 Skins.

100 Magic

Gather 100 Magic.

2500 Culture

Gather 2500 Culture.

10,000 Population

Gather 10,000 Population.

500 Magic

Gather 500 Magic.

10,000 Wood

Harvest 10,000 Wood.

2500 Science

Gather 2500 Science.

2500 Battle

Gather 2500 Battle.


Unlock the Farm and start generating Produce.

2500 Skins

Harvest 2500 Skins.

10,000 Produce

Harvest 10,000 Produce.

Dungeon Dive 5

Reach dungeon floor 5.

10,000 Culture

Gather 10,000 Culture.

1m Coins

Collect 1m Coins.

Forestry Clicks 500

Speed up Forestry 500 times.

Farming Clicks 500

Speed up Farming 500 times.

500 Building Requests

Complete 500 building requests.

100 Ore

Harvest 100 Ore.


Unlock the Theatre and start generating Culture.

2500 Magic

Gather 2500 Magic.

500 Ore

Harvest 500 Ore.

50,000 Population

Gather 50,000 Population.

10,000 Science

Gather 10,000 Science.

10,000 Battle

Gather 10,000 Battle.

750 Building Requests

Complete 750 building requests.

Buy 5 Blueprints

Buy 5 Blueprints from the Construction Yard.

Hunting Lodge

Unlock the Hunting Lodge and start generating Skins.

Forestry Clicks 1000

Speed up Forestry 1000 times.

5 Port Requests

Complete 5 Port requests.

Farming Clicks 1000

Speed up Farming 1000 times.

10,000 Skins

Harvest 10,000 Skins.

20 Buildings

Construct 20 buildings.


Unlock the Observatory and start generating Science.

50,000 Wood

Harvest 50,000 Wood.

Hunting Clicks 500

Speed Up Hunting 500 times.

50,000 Culture

Gather 50,000 Culture.

100 Fish

Harvest 100 Fish.

1000 Building Requests

Complete 1000 building requests.

2500 Ore

Harvest 2500 Ore.

10,000 Magic

Gather 10,000 Magic.

Dungeon Dive 10

Reach dungeon floor 10.

500 Fish

Harvest 500 Fish.

10 Port Requests

Complete 10 Port requests.

Hunting Clicks 1000

Speed Up Hunting 1000 times.

30 Buildings

Construct 30 buildings.

50,000 Produce

Harvest 50,000 Produce.

50,000 Science

Gather 50,000 Science.


Unlock the Mine and start generating Ore.

Forestry Clicks 2500

Speed up Forestry 2500 times.

250,000 Population

Gather 250,000 Population.


Unlock the Guildhall and start generating Battle.

50,000 Battle

Gather 50,000 Battle.

10,000 Ore

Harvest 10,000 Ore.

Mining Clicks 500

Speed up Mining 500 times.

Farming Clicks 2500

Speed up Farming 2500 times.

Buy 10 Blueprints

Buy 10 Blueprints from the Construction Yard.

2500 Fish

Harvest 2500 Fish.

250,000 Culture

Gather 250,000 Culture.

40 Buildings

Construct 40 buildings.

Dungeon Dive 15

Reach dungeon floor 15.

50,000 Skins

Harvest 50,000 Skins.

50,000 Magic

Gather 50,000 Magic.


Unlock the Fishery and start generating Fish.

250,000 Wood

Harvest 250,000 Wood.

Mining Clicks 1000

Speed up Mining 1000 times.

25 Port Requests

Complete 25 Port requests.

Hunting Clicks 2500

Speed Up Hunting 2500 times.

250,000 Science

Gather 250,000 Science.

Witch Academy

Unlock the Witch Academy and start generating Magic.

50 Buildings

Construct 50 buildings.

Forestry Clicks 5000

Speed up Forestry 5000 times.

1m Population

Gather 1m Population.

250,000 Battle

Gather 250,000 Battle.

10,000 Fish

Harvest 10,000 Fish.

Fishing Clicks 500

Speed up Fishing 500 times.

50,000 Ore

Harvest 50,000 Ore.

5000 Building Requests

Complete 5000 building requests.

1m Culture

Gather 1m Culture.

Farming Clicks 5000

Speed up Farming 5000 times.

50 Port Requests

Complete 50 Port requests.

250,000 Produce

Harvest 250,000 Produce.

Dungeon Dive 25

Reach dungeon floor 25.

250,000 Magic

Gather 250,000 Magic.

1m Science

Gather 1m Science.

Fishing Clicks 1000

Speed up Fishing 1000 times.

1m Wood

Harvest 1m Wood.

2.5m Population

Gather 2.5m Population.

Mining Clicks 2500

Speed up Mining 2500 times.

Hunting Clicks 5000

Speed Up Hunting 5000 times.

1m Battle

Gather 1m Battle.

250,000 Skins

Harvest 250,000 Skins.

2.5m Culture

Gather 2.5m Culture.

250m Coins

Collect 250m Coins.

75 Buildings

Construct 75 buildings.

Buy 25 Blueprints

Buy 25 Blueprints from the Construction Yard.

50,000 Fish

Harvest 50,000 Fish.

Forestry Clicks 10,000

Speed up Forestry 10,000 times.

100 Port Requests

Complete 100 Port requests.

2.5m Science

Gather 2.5m Science.

1m Magic

Gather 1m Magic.

10,000 Building Requests

Complete 10,000 building requests.

2.5m Battle

Gather 2.5m Battle.

2.5m Wood

Harvest 2.5m Wood.

250,000 Ore

Harvest 250,000 Ore.

1m Produce

Harvest 1m Produce.

1b Coins

Collect 1b Coins

Farming Clicks 10,000

Speed up Farming 10,000 times.

Fishing Clicks 2500

Speed up Fishing 2500 times.

Mining Clicks 5000

Speed up Mining 5000 times.

10m Population

Gather 10m Population.

Dungeon Dive 50

Reach dungeon floor 50.

2.5m Magic

Gather 2.5m Magic.

100 Buildings

Construct 100 buildings.

10m Culture

Gather 10m Culture.

1m Skins

Harvest 1m Skins.

10m Science

Gather 10m Science.

2.5b Coins

Collect 2.5b Coins

200 Port Requests

Complete 200 Port requests.

Hunting Clicks 10,000

Speed Up Hunting 10,000 times.

Forestry Clicks 17,500

Speed up Forestry 17,500 times.

250,000 Fish

Harvest 250,000 Fish.

2.5m Produce

Harvest 2.5m Produce.

5b Coins

Collect 5b Coins

10m Battle

Gather 10m Battle.

1m Ore

Harvest 1m Ore.

10m Magic

Gather 10m Magic.

Dungeon Dive 75

Reach dungeon floor 75.

Year 2

Reach year 2.

10b Coins

Collect 10b Coins

10m Wood

Harvest 10m Wood.

2.5m Skins

Harvest 2.5m Skins.

Fishing Clicks 5000

Speed up Fishing 5000 times.

Buy 50 Blueprints

Buy 50 Blueprints from the Construction Yard.

150 Buildings

Construct 150 buildings.

Mining Clicks 10,000

Speed up Mining 10,000 times.

20b Coins

Collect 20b Coins

50m Population

Gather 50m Population.

Farming Clicks 17,500

Speed up Farming 17,500 times.

1m Fish

Harvest 1m Fish.

50m Culture

Gather 50m Culture.

2.5m Ore

Harvest 2.5m Ore.

Dungeon Dive 100

Reach dungeon floor 100.

50m Science

Gather 50m Science.

Forestry Clicks 27,500

Speed up Forestry 27,500 times.

50b Coins

Collect 50b Coins

10m Produce

Harvest 10m Produce

Hunting Clicks 17,500

Speed Up Hunting 17,500 times.

100m Population

Gather 100m Population.

50m Battle

Gather 50m Battle.

100b Coins

Collect 100b Coins

50m Magic

Gather 50m Magic.

10m Skins

Harvest 10m Skins.

2.5m Fish

Harvest 2.5m Fish.

100m Culture

Gather 100m Culture.

200 Buildings

Construct 200 buildings.

100m Science

Gather 100m Science.

50m Wood

Harvest 50m Wood.

Fishing Clicks 10,000

Speed up Fishing 10,000 times.

500 Port Requests

Complete 500 Port requests.

100m Battle

Gather 100m Battle.

100m Magic

Gather 100m Magic

Mining Clicks 17,500

Speed up Mining 17,500 times.

250b Coins

Collect 250b Coins

250m Population

Gather 250m Population.

10m Ore

Harvest 10m Ore.

Buy 75 Blueprints

Buy 75 Blueprints from the Construction Yard.

Farming Clicks 27,500

Speed up Farming 27,500 times.

10m Fish

Harvest 10m Fish.

250m Science

Gather 250m Science.

100m Wood

Harvest 100m Wood.

500b Coins

Collect 500b Coins

250m Culture

Gather 250m Culture.

250m Magic

Gather 250m Magic.

250m Battle

Gather 250m Battle.

Hunting Clicks 27,500

Speed Up Hunting 27,500 times.

50m Produce

Harvest 50m Produce.

50m Skins

Harvest 50m Skins.

1t Coins

Collect 1t Coins

Dungeon Dive 150

Reach dungeon floor 150.

300 Buildings

Construct 300 buildings.

Fishing Clicks 17,500

Speed up Fishing 17,500 times.

1b Population

Gather 1b Population.

50m Ore

Harvest 50m Ore.

Forestry Clicks 50,000

Speed up Forestry 50,000 times.

100m Skins

Harvest 100m Skins.

Mining Clicks 27,500

Speed up Mining 27,500 times.

100m Produce

Harvest 100m Produce.

250m Wood

Harvest 250m Wood.

100,000 Building Requests

Complete 100,000 building requests.

1b Science

Gather 1b Science.

50m Fish

Harvest 50m Fish.

1b Magic

Gather 1b Magic.

1b Battle

Gather 1b Battle.

100m Ore

Harvest 100m Ore.

Buy 100 Blueprints

Buy 100 Blueprints from the Construction Yard.

100m Fish

Harvest 100m Fish.

5t Coins

Collect 5t Coins

750 Port Requests

Complete 750 Port requests.

250m Skins

Harvest 250m Skins.

Fishing Clicks 27,500

Speed up Fishing 27,500 times.

2.5b Population

Gather 2.5b Population.

Year 3

Reach year 3.

1b Culture

Gather 1b Culture.

400 Buildings

Construct 400 buildings.

250m Ore

Harvest 250m Ore.

2.5b Battle

Gather 2.5b Battle.

2.5b Magic

Gather 2.5b Magic.

Farming Clicks 50,000

Speed up Farming 50,000 times.

250m Produce

Harvest 250m Produce.

2.5b Science

Gather 2.5b Science.

250m Fish

Harvest 250m Fish.

5b Population

Gather 5b Population.

Hunting Clicks 50,000

Speed Up Hunting 50,000 times.

5b Magic

Gather 5b Magic.

1b Wood

Harvest 1b Wood.

Mining Clicks 50,000

Speed up Mining 50,000 times.

10b Magic

Gather 10b Magic.

5b Battle

Gather 5b Battle.

Dungeon Dive 200

Reach dungeon floor 200.

2.5b Culture

Gather 2.5b Culture.

20b Magic

Gather 20b Magic.

500 Buildings

Construct 500 buildings.

1b Ore

Harvest 1b Ore.

10b Battle

Gather 10b Battle.

50b Magic

Gather 50b Magic.

100b Magic

Gather 100b Magic.

5b Science

Gather 5b Science.

1b Fish

Harvest 1b Fish.

20t Coins

Collect 20t Coins

1b Skins

Harvest 1b Skins.

1000 Port Requests

Complete 1000 Port requests.

250b Magic

Gather 250b Magic.

20b Battle

Gather 20b Battle.

500b Magic

Gather 500b Magic.

5t Magic

Gather 5t Magic.

1t Magic

Gather 1t Magic.

100b Battle

Gather 100b Battle.

10b Science

Gather 10b Science.

2.5b Fish

Harvest 2.5b fish.

5b Culture

Gather 5b Culture.

10b Fish

Harvest 10b fish.

5b Fish

Harvest 5b fish.

50b Battle

Gather 50b Battle.

250,000 Building Requests

Complete 250,000 building requests.

10b Population

Gather 10b Population.

250b Battle

Gather 250b Battle.

20t Magic

Gather 20t Magic.

Year 4

Reach year 4.

50t Magic

Gather 50t Magic.

20b Science

Gather 20b Science.

100b Fish

Harvest 100b fish.

Fishing Clicks 50,000

Speed up Fishing 50,000 times.

500b Battle

Gather 500b Battle.

50t Coins

Collect 50t Coins

10b Culture

Gather 10b Culture.

20b Fish

Harvest 20b fish.

Forestry Clicks 100,000

Speed up Forestry 100,000 times.

50b Fish

Harvest 50b fish.

1b Produce

Harvest 1b Produce.

2.5b Ore

Harvest 2.5b ore.

20b Culture

Gather 20b Culture.

500b Fish

Harvest 500b fish.

100b Science

Gather 100b Science.

1t Fish

Harvest 1t fish.

1t Battle

Gather 1t Battle.

250b Fish

Harvest 250b fish.

250b Science

Gather 250b Science.

2.5b Skins

Harvest 2.5b skins.

20b Population

Gather 20b Population.

5t Battle

Gather 5t Battle.

50t Battle

Gather 50t Battle.

750 Buildings

Construct 750 buildings.

5t Fish

Harvest 5t fish.

20t Battle

Gather 20t Battle.

50b Science

Gather 50b Science.

5b Ore

Harvest 5b ore.

10b Ore

Harvest 10b ore.

5b Skins

Harvest 5b skins.

20t Fish

Harvest 20t fish.

Farming Clicks 100,000

Speed up Farming 100,000 times.

2.5b Wood

Harvest 2.5b wood.

500b Science

Gather 500b Science.

1t Science

Gather 1t Science.

2000 Port Requests

Complete 2000 Port requests.

1500 Port Requests

Complete 1500 Port requests.

50t Fish

Harvest 50t fish.

50b Culture

Gather 50b Culture.

Mining Clicks 100,000

Speed up Mining 100,000 times.

Year 5

Reach year 5.

2500 Port Requests

Complete 2500 Port requests.

3000 Port Requests

Complete 3000 Port requests.

1000 Buildings

Construct 1000 buildings.

10b Skins

Harvest 10b skins.

5b Wood

Harvest 5b wood.

20b Ore

Harvest 20b ore.

100b Ore

Harvest 100b ore.

250b Culture

Gather 250b Culture.

50b Ore

Harvest 50b ore.

20b Skins

Harvest 20b skins.

100b Skins

Harvest 100b skins.

50b Skins

Harvest 50b skins.

50b Population

Gather 50b Population.

5000 Port Requests

Complete 5000 Port requests.

100b Population

Gather 100b Population.

5t Skins

Harvest 5t skins.

500b Skins

Harvest 500b skins.

1m Building Requests

Complete 1m building requests.


Gather 100b Culture.

Fishing Clicks 100,000

Speed up Fishing 100,000 times.

4000 Port Requests

Complete 4000 Port requests.

250b Skins

Harvest 250b skins.

1t Skins

Harvest 1t skins.

500b Ore

Harvest 500b ore.

250b Ore

Harvest 250b ore.

5t Science

Gather 5t Science.

10b Wood

Harvest 10b wood.

500b Culture

Gather 500b Culture.

Year 6

Reach year 6.

1t Ore

Harvest 1t ore.

Hunting Clicks 100,000

Speed up Hunting 100,000 times.

250b Population

Gather 250b Population.

50t Skins

Harvest 50t skins.

20t Science

Gather 20t Science.

20t Skins

Harvest 20t skins.

1t Culture

Gather 1t Culture.

Year 7

Reach year 7.

5b Produce

Harvest 5b produce.

5m Building Requests

Complete 5m building requests.

5t Ore

Harvest 5t ore.

2.5b Produce

Harvest 2.5b produce.

50b Wood

Harvest 50b wood.

5t Culture

Gather 5t Culture.

20t Ore

Harvest 20t ore.

20b Wood

Harvest 20b wood.

50t Science

Gather 50t Science.

1500 Buildings

Construct 1500 buildings.

50t Ore

Harvest 50t ore.

Year 8

Reach year 8.

20t Culture

Gather 20t Culture.

500b Population

Gather 500b Population.

1t Population

Gather 1t Population.

100b Wood

Harvest 100b wood.

1t Wood

Harvest 1t wood.

20t Wood

Harvest 20t wood.

50t Culture

Gather 50t Culture.

50t Wood

Harvest 50t wood.

250b Wood

Harvest 250b wood.

500b Wood

Harvest 500b wood.

5t Population

Gather 5t Population.

5t Wood

Harvest 5t wood.

Year 9

Reach year 9.

10b Produce

Harvest 10b produce.

20t Population

Gather 20t Population.

10m Building Requests

Complete 10m building requests.

100b Produce

Harvest 100b produce.

Year 10

Reach year 10.

50t Population

Gather 50t Population.

20b Produce

Harvest 20b produce.

50b Produce

Harvest 50b produce.

Farming Clicks 250,000

Speed up Farming 250,000 times.

250b Produce

Harvest 250b produce.

15m Building Requests

Complete 15m building requests.

2000 Buildings

Construct 2000 buildings.

500b Produce

Harvest 500b produce.

5t Produce

Harvest 5t produce.

20t Produce

Harvest 20t produce.

1t Produce

Harvest 1t produce.

Forestry Clicks 250,000

Speed up Forestry 250,000 times.

50t Produce

50t Produce

Farming Clicks 500,000

Speed up Farming 500,000 times.

2500 Buildings

Construct 2500 buildings.

20m Building Requests

Complete 20m building requests.

25m Building Requests

Complete 25m building requests.

Mining Clicks 250,000

Speed up Mining 250,000 times.

4000 Buildings

Construct 4000 buildings.

Farming Clicks 750,000

Speed up Farming 750,000 times.

3000 Buildings

Construct 3000 buildings.

Fishing Clicks 250,000

Speed up Fishing 250,000 times.

30m Building Requests

Complete 30m building requests.

35m Building Requests

35m Building Requests

5000 Buildings

Construct 5000 buildings.

40m Building Requests

Complete 40m building requests.

Fishing Clicks 750,000

Speed up Fishing 750,000 times.

45m Building Requests

Complete 45m building requests.

Fishing Clicks 500,000

Speed up Fishing 500,000 times.

Fishing Clicks 1m

Speed up Fishing 1m times.

Mining Clicks 500,000

Speed up Mining 500,000 times.

Hunting Clicks 250,000

Speed up Hunting 250,000 times.

Forestry Clicks 500,000

Speed up Forestry 500,000 times.

Farming Clicks 1m

Speed up Farming 1m times.

50m Building Requests

Complete 50m building requests.

Hunting Clicks 750,000

Speed up Hunting 750,000 times.

Hunting Clicks 500,000

Speed up Hunting 500,000 times.

Forestry Clicks 750,000

Speed up Forestry 750,000 times.

Hunting Clicks 1m

Speed up Hunting 1m times.

Mining Clicks 1m

Speed up Mining 1m times.

Forestry Clicks 1m

Speed up Forestry 1m times.

Mining Clicks 750,000

Speed up Mining 750,000 times.