Dead Sky achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 44 unknown)

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Kill 4 enemies in 3 seconds with the pistol


Hit 3 enemies with a single railgun shot

Bad Timing

Die while reloading

First To Die

Be the first one to die in a multiplayer game.

You're Fired

Kill 6 enemies with the flamethrower within 8 seconds.

Thick Skinned

Take at least 250 points of damage in a single life.


Kill a teammate with the afterblast of a demolition zombie that you shot.


Stop Sackhead with a bear trap


Survive a night without using your flashlight while still killing at least 10 enemies.


Take at least 500 points of damage in a single life.

Line 'Em Up

Hit 5 enemies with a single railgun shot


Kill all enemies in the Sewer on normal.

Basic Training

Complete the single player campaign.

Old Fashioned

Last 6 rounds without building any turrets or fences

Big Hero

Kill at least 30 enemies after your teammates die in a single round.

Field Medic

Heal 300 points of damage in a multiplayer game.


Have 5 turrets up simulatenously.


Kill 7 enemies using a single air support powerup

Final Form

Purchase all of the available upgrades in a single game


Kill Deadmass using the med gun


Heal 300 points of damage using lifesteal in a single game


Heal 600 points of damage in a multiplayer game.

Hard Carry

Do more damage than all of your teammates combined in a 3+ player game that lasts at least 4 rounds.


Kill 3,000 enemies

The Little Zombie That Could

Get killed by the last basic zombie of the round.

Eat This!

Kill a tunneler using a well-placed mine


Accumulate 500 explosion kills

Dueling Chainsaws

Kill Sackhead using a chainsaw


Kill 6,500 enemies

Gather 'Round

Lure 10 zombies onto a single mine


Complete the single player campaign on normal without dying.


Hit 10 enemies with a single railgun shot

Fort Kickass

Have the maximum number of defense items built simultaneously.

Counter Attack

Kill 50 zombies using the Electro-shield upgrade in a single game.

Good Neighbor

Spend 200 scrap metal repairing teammates' turrets in a multiplayer game.

If You Build It...

Build 500 structures


Kill 20,000 enemies


Kill 500 zombies with the berserker buff


Defend the objective 500 times

To Catch a Zombie

Catch 500 enemies using the bear trap


Go 4 rounds without taking any damage and kill at least 40 zombies within that time.

Blood Bath

Be within blood splatter range for 3000 dismembering kills

Rocket Surgeon

Heal 600 points of damage and kill 25 zombies with the rocket launcher in a multiplayer game.


Complete the single player campaign on normal without taking damage.