Insanity's Blade achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 34 unknown)

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Hey Sailor!

Dagger Fist

Now you can throw daggers!

Get off my lawn!

Sharing is good!

Surfs Up Dude!

I can't even...

Damn Squatters!!!

What A Rip Off!

You won't be needing those...

How Do I Do That Again?

Defiler of Roosters

The Love Boat!

Game Over Man! Game Over!

Kids these days...

There is no Thurstan, Only Zuul!

All of the Things!!!

Collect all the questy things!

Go To Hell!!

You beat the game!

Do you even lift, Bro?

Reach the max level!

While you're (not) down there...

Real Magic

Exit Only!

And Then I Complained That The Game Was Too Easy...

All of the Stuff!!!

Get all the pointy things!

...And My Axe!

Hand Solo

You Lose! Perfect!!

Donation Accepted!

Copy And Paste

I read books for the pictures, dude!

Complete the Arcade adventure!

Make War, Not Love...

I Don't Wanna Die!

A Real Hero


Look Ma, No Saves!

Really - I didn't cheat!!!