Savant - Ascent achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 14 unknown)

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Obtain 6 Soundtracks by collecting all the golden CD pieces scattered across the different game modes

Grab Some

Utilize a grab attack towards an enemy(Attack unlocked by obtaining the 6th Soundtrack)


Destroy 500 Enemies In Endless Mode, without dying

Take Out The Trash

Destroy 99% of the enemies in Time Attack, before the boss

Obtain Ultimate Power

Find a way to obtain ultimate power!

Overdrive LVL 1

Overdrive LVL 2

Overdrive LVL 3

Overdrive LVL 4

Overdrive LVL MAX

5 Min Survival

Survive for 5 minutes in Endless mode

Wyrm Be Gone

Destroy A Wyrm within 3 seconds

Glint of Gold

Destroy all 16 Golden Fodders during Time Attack, without dying

10 Min Survival

Survive for 10 minutes in Endless mode