Andoran Skye XD achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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A New World

Tredun joined your party.

Staff Wielder?

Won the first battle of the game.

An Unexpected Guest

Defeated the first boss.

The Chosen One

Flappy joined your party.

Travel The World

Traveled to all regions in Andoran


Brought the mother mammoth and her child back together

Clear The Bridge

Defeated the Giant.

Protect My Home

Catalina joined your party.

Ability Mastery

Learned all of the abilities

Prison Escape

Escaped from the Cold World

Bargain With Captain Bastion

Captured 20 Fish

Royal Ass-Whooping

Defeated the Ritual King

Saving Flappy

Defeated the Heart of Nothing

Memory Mastery

Passed all of the memory puzzles in Scum Cavern

Scrap Metal

Defeated the Revived Ritual King

Attack The Tower!

Used the Bacun Tune to sneak into the tower

One With The River

Captured 50 Fish

Fishing Master

Captured 100 Fish

The Lock Picker

Picked the lock on all of the chests

You And What Army?

Defeated General Wit-Geraldo

A True Hero

Taming The SKYE


Beat the entire game without dying

Chadrick: Maxed Out

Maxed out all of Chadrick's technique points.

Sparring With The Master

Flappy: Maxed Out

Maxed out all of Flappy's technique points.

Rowan: Maxed Out

Maxed out all of Rowan's technique points.

Up In Flames

Tredun: Maxed Out

Maxed out all of Tredun's technique points.

Catalina: Maxed Out

Maxed out all of Catalina's technique points.