Domestic Dog achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 32 unknown)

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A Dog's Worst Nightmare

Visit the Vet

Flea Bag

Get Fleas

Level 2 Achieved

Level up to 2

Record Retriever

Find a Record

Roller Rover

Get roller skates

Stay Out of My Territory

Piss on 100 objects with a single Dog

Mobile Medic

Save a fellow dog from fleas

Dig Dog Arcade Master

Score 200 points in the Dig Dog Arcade Game

Dude, Where's My Ball?

Consume Dognip 10 times with a single Dog

Level 5 Achieved

Level up to 5

Bonemuncher Arcade Master

Score 200 points in the Bonemuncher Arcade Game

The One Who Barks

Bark 100 times in 1 life

Astrodog Arcade Master

Score 200 points in the Astrodog Arcade Game

Dig Doge

Dig 50 holes with a single Dog

Squares Arcade Master

Score 200 points in the Squares Arcade Game

Resonance Cascade

Randomly become a certain breed of Alien Dog

Golden Fountain

Piss into a water fountain until it's filled with piss

Shell Shocked

Piss on 4 turtles

Woof Woods Secret

Discover the secret of Woofy Woods

Poo Poo Platter

Eat your own poop 10 times with a single Dog

Cemetery Secret

Discover the secret in the cemetery

Caffeinated Canine

Drink 10 cups of coffee with a single Dog

Rabbit Meat

KO 20 Rabbits with a single Dog

Musical Mutt

Find 5 Records

Art Connoisseur

Buy 10 pieces of art with a single Dog

Toys R Mutts

Unbox 10 Toys with a single Dog

Dog Generator Pro

Generate 100 dogs

Butterfly Destroyer

Piss on 20 butterflies with a single Dog

Reservoir Dog

Rob the Dogfood Warehouse

Dog of the Dead

Urinate on 10 ghost dogs with a single Dog

Grand Dog Auto

Destroy 10 cars with a single Dog

Fat Stacks

Earn Ð 10,000 Dog Coins