Cobalt achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 50 unknown)

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Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe

Find one secret

Beating a Rock

Mine one block

Forgot My Keys

Lockpick one door

They do Flash and Bang!

Blind one enemy with one flashbang

One Inch Kick

Kill an enemy with your feet

Timing is Everything

Perfectly deflect a bullet

That's How I Roll

Kill an enemy while rolling

Practice makes Perfect

Boost one reload

Petty Thief

Crack one Safe

Rolling has Many Uses

Kill an enemy with a deflected bullet

18 months in Prison

Hack one Computer

Two for One

Kill two enemies with one bullet


Kill two enemies at once

Pogo Stick

Kill two enemies without touching the ground

Dodge This

Kill an enemy with a scoped bullet


Kill one enemy using physics

Keeping Cautious

Win two Team-Strike rounds in a row without dying

Team Spirit

Win one round of Team-Strike with whole team surviving

Doing it Yourself

Buy one Upgrade

Missed Me

Dodge a homing missile

Sharing is Caring

Heal two players with one nano dispenser

Cerebral Player

Finish survival round as brain


Kill enemy with klonk

Getting Hairy

Perfectly deflect a scoped bullet

Good Samaritan

Free one prisoner


Wiped the entire opposing team in Team-Strike

Precious Cargo

Rescue all prisoners in a combat challenge without them recieving any damage

Stay Out Of Trouble Bopo

Protect Bopo in Survival

So you can Dance?

Dance to the tune of a radio playing music

Faster Than Average

Complete a speed challenge under par time

That's How I Punch

Kill an enemy with a punch to the head while rolling in the air

Got the Moves

Reach level 10 dance

Italian Stallion

Complete survival wave without firing a weapon or throwing a grenade

Intergalactic rodeo

Tame a Sabretooth Hamster

Kicking it Around

Kill an enemy with a kicked grenade

You killed the radio star

Destroy one Radio

Stayin' Alive

Win a deathmatch without dying a single time

Faster than Most

Complete a speed challenge under mountainhammer time

What Goes Around...

Kill an enemy with a punched grenade

Ain't No Thang

Dodge ten homing missiles without dying

Making Darwin Proud

Win TS-match without dying

Surgical Strike

Complete combat challenge by only eliminating the targets

Unmatched, unscathed

Beat a combat challenge with 100% accuracy and 100% health

Pacifist Commando

Beat a combat challenge without firing a weapon or throwable

Let Them Come

Complete survival game without dying


Complete all speed challenge maps

I Come From A Land Down Under

Kill an enemy with a Boomerang boosted by a Force Device


Complete all combat challenge maps


Complete all brain challenge maps under mountainhammer time

Respectable in all Aspects

Unlock all unlocks