Dicetiny achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 29 unknown)

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The Birth of Great Wizard

Use a spell card for the first time.

Go! My Minion!

Summon a minion for the first time.

Awkward Reunion

Meet Enemy Hero on the same space for the first time.

Will this do?

Hire a minion for the first time.

First Victory

Get first victory.

No hard feelings. It's all business.

Kill 10 minions in a single stage.


Beat a stage within 11 rounds.

What is this?...

Equip a card for the first time.

Good Start

Get 2 straight victories in 2 different stages.

First Defeat

Get first defeat.

Show me the money!

Hire 5 minions in a single stage.

No Mercy

Deal 10 or more damage to an enemy character in a single strike.

A Piece of Dice

Get a win after using only 10 or less cards.

Phew, that was close.

Win a game with only 5 HP or less left.

Money is meant to be spent.

Buy 3 or more cards during your single visit to the Campfire.

I'm on a roll!

Get 5 straight victories in 5 different stages.


Accumulate 100 minion kills.

Need a new dice.

Accumulate 100 dice rolls.

I love camping!

Visit the Campfire 5 times.

Don't give up. You can do it.

Lose two games in a row.

More Money, More Problems

Collect 1,000 Gold in a single stage.

Another Journey

Start a new game with a different hero.

That's my minion!

Raise a minion to Lvl.20 or higher.

All for Dicetiny! Dicetiny for All!

Watch the credit on the main menu.

Then a hero comes along.

Clear all stages. (Main + Sub)

Nowhere else to go.

Visit the Campfire 25 times.

You just can't get enough of this game, can you?

Accumulate 1,000 dice rolls.

Get a life.

Visit the Campfire 100 times.

Heroes never stop.

Clear all stages with each of four basic classes.